Finisher/Assembler, Finishing Department

Position Purpose:

The Finisher & Assembler performs a variety of production functions within the Department. This would include but not be limited to: painting, light assembly, packing, sonic welding, bonding, racking on a conveyor system, sanding and staining of plastic/metal parts/components.

Key competencies include:

  • Spray paints or puts shielding (using spray gun) on plastic/metal parts/components.
  • Packs finished parts/products in plastic wrap, bags and/or boxes.
  • Sands parts, trims parts using clippers and/or knife.
  • Assembles parts, including: gluing/bonding, snapping together, putting grommets/inserts into part, drilling holes in part with drill press and using screws to assemble.
  • Sonic welds plastic parts.
  • Mills sprues down flush and/or puts slots in parts.
  • Racks part on a conveyor line, feeds part to an assembly line, pulls parts out of boxes.
  • Inspects parts working on for flaws and notifies inspector of equipment problems/dysfunction.
  • Places stain on plastic/metal part using rags/pad; cleans parts using cleaning agent or thinner.
  • Performs Press Operator duties as required under the guidelines of the USWA contract.
  • Performs other duties as assigned and directed.

Reports to:

Shift Foreman


Education: Ninth grade education or higher

Knowledge: An ability to read and write. Must be able to follow verbal as well as written instructions.

Experience: None, although 6 months or more experience in assembly or finishing work is preferred.

Independent Judgment: Uses when inspecting parts and equipment. Must understand and apply quality standards.

Quality: Follow operational procedures: be attentive to details, zero defects is the goal. It is extremely important to focus on quality of work first so as to dramatically reduce rejects. Handle and protect all parts with the utmost care. Even rejected parts should be handled carefully to reduce the amount of rework needed to save the parts.

Physical Exertion: Lift 30 lbs or less. Requires standing entire shift (some jobs sitting), rotates on all jobs, bends, twists, stoops and extensively uses hands, wrists and shoulders. Uses hand/eye coordination. Has to work around paints, organic solvents and adhesives.

Tools: Spray guns, sanders and sandpaper, knife(s), screw driver, hammer, sonic welders, drill presses, mills, wet wash paint booths, staining trays, clippers, pliers, brushes, syringes, tubes, rags, emery cloth, pads, overhead conveyors, conveyor lines, fixtures, paint pots, mask washers, markers, pencils, gloves, paint masks, glasses/goggles, hair covers, paint suits/aprons, glue, tape.

Attendance: Must be in attendance on a regular, full time basis and conform to all Company Attendance Policies. Must be available and willing to work all shifts and overtime (including weekends) as necessary/required.


Hourly bargaining unit non-exempt. This is an “at will” position.


Interested individuals should fill out our online application. In-person applications are not accepted at our facility.

Ferriot, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Rev. 8/21/2018

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