Career Opportunity – Materials Handler, Third Shift

Position Purpose:

The Materials Handler performs a variety of service functions within their respective departments. This would include but not be limited to:  keeping track of items received, completing loading/unloading freight, driving lift trucks, completes purchase orders and packing slips, data entry on the computer, general service duties required in the department(s), cleaning/custodial functions on equipment and for the department and being inter-changeable between departments.

This position is for Third Shift, 11:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.

Key competencies include:

  • Enters and keeps track of all items shipped, received, purchase orders and packing slips;
  • Ensures an appropriate supply of raw materials for the department;
  • Enters data on receiving, shipping, and inventory on the computer;
  • Operates a lift truck and reach truck, hand loads and unloads freight, follows all dock safety procedures;
  • Mixes and transports paint/stain to production operations, assures such operations have appropriate supply of paint/stain;
  • Transports supplies and finished products to and from department using a tow motor, bands or shrink wraps skids;
  • Unloads and loads materials as necessary, replaces empty propane tanks on tow motors;
  • Assembles boxes and other supplies/parts and transports to production operations, assures such operations have adequate supplies/parts, makes up and completes labels;
  • Makes and cleans fixtures;
  • Performs light repair on paint guns and equipment as directed;
  • Cleans paint booths and lines, sets up booths, equipment and jobs for production in the department. Performs kitting when required.
  • Takes inventory counts and completes ISO information and documents as required. Ensures proper tags and paperwork completed on items taken to and from inventory and/or warehouse;
  • Mixes and transports plastic resins, powdered/liquid colorants and blowing agents, assures operations have appropriate supply of raw materials, operates a mixing tumbler;
  • Relieves operators on molding presses for breaks;
  • Fills hoppers on plastic injection presses with mixed plastic resin, colorant, and blowing agent;
  • Transports supplies to and from the production molding floor using a tow motor, bands and shrink wraps skids of finished molded product, replaces empty tanks on tow motors;
  • Assembles boxes, ensures labels for boxes are available or creates them for the job as necessary, ensures all packing materials are available for each job;
  • Empties and cleans dryers and grinders;
  • Checks and records hourly dew point readings, completes all forms required for general service;
  • Labels all material gaylords or bins and dryers;
  • Performs routine maintenance in the department on equipment and area;
  • Performs duties in Shipping, Molding and Finishing as required under the guidelines of the USWA contract;
  • Operates a band and/or table saw, cuts skids and wooden planks;
  • Completes Loading and Shipping forms, inputs data into a computer system;
  • Liaisons with outside delivery/receiving personnel;
  • Grinds plastic and empties grinders when necessary;
  • Performs other duties as assigned and directed.

Reports to:

Warehouse Foreman and/or Shift Supervisor


Education: High school education or higher

Knowledge: Must have the ability to read and write. Must be able to follow verbal as well as written instructions and measure accurately. Must be able to work with Microsoft Office software (Word & Excel) on a computer system, including IQMS ERP software.

Experience: None. 6 months previous experience in materials handling is preferred. Must be able to be trained and, certified as a lift truck operator and operate lift truck effectively and safely. Previous computer experience is preferred. Must have a current valid Driver’s License.

Responsibilities: Must be able to lift heavy weights/repeated weights and deal with heavy physical labor. Must have good figure aptitude and arithmetic skills and ability to work accurately with numbers, computers, and forms; be able to operate a tow motor safely in loading and unloading as well as in tight places; a willingness to work overtime, abnormal hours, and weekends as necessary; must be able to read labels and warehouse demarcations to properly pick up and store supplies/inventory. Must be able to accurately complete and maintain ISO records. Has to be able to adequately perform all functions, duties in the respective department.

Independent Judgment: Slight – uses when driving a lift truck, reach truck, truck, picking up supplies/inventory, taking inventory, completing duties and completing ISO forms/paperwork and entering data on the computer.

Physical Exertion: Routinely lifts 30 lbs or more. Requires lifting of heavy items; job requires being on feet most of the shift, bends, twists, stoops, walks, lifts and extensively uses hands wrists and shoulders, legs, waist, and back; uses hand/eye coordination to drive lift truck, reach truck, and enter data on computer; has to work with and around heat and dusts; must be able to climb and work comfortably at heights and in tight spaces; must be able to lift heavy items.

Tools: Band saws, knife(s), screw driver, hammer, wrenches, pry bars, cons/drums, parts scale, staple machine, mills, sanders, funnels, markers, pencils, lift trucks, tape machines, band machines, truck docks, reach truck, propane tanks, vacuums, brooms, absorbents, rags, gloves, glasses, ladders, paper, forms, overhead cranes and hoists, trucks, van, cars, ink, labels, label machine, computer (PC), calculators, rulers, maps, postage meter, grinders, skids, reach trucks and truck chalks.

Attendance: Must be in attendance on a regular, full time basis and conform to all Company Attendance Policies. Due to the nature of this position and the limited number of personnel performing this function, attendance is of the utmost importance. Must be available and willing to work all shifts and overtime (including weekends) as necessary/required.


Hourly Bargaining Unit Non-Exempt. This is an “at will” position.

Interested individuals should fill out our online application. In-person applications are not accepted at our facility.

Ferriot, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Rev. 7/30/2019

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