Career Opportunity – Process Technician, Production Floor, Second Shift

Position Purpose:

Process Technician – Production Floor, Second Shift, performs a variety of technical duties within the production floor.  This would include, but is not limited to, reviewing and recommending proper techniques to streamline processing including resin selection; trains mold setter/processors and level 2’s in AOBP in processing and processing problem solving techniques; assists the department in troubleshooting; oversees and reviews work performed by the mold setter/processors and level 2’s; functions as the support person for new mold qualifications, pilot runs and establishing effective optimum processes as directed by the Process Engineer; ensures proper paperwork is completed by mold setter/processors and level 2’s; may fill-in as shift supervisor.

This position is for Second Shift, 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Key competencies include:

  • Develop, optimize and troubleshoot injection molding processes using a wide variety of engineered and commodity type resins;
  • Trains mold setter/processors and general service (material handlers) on processing techniques, proper operation of machine controls, data capture/storage devices, printers, dryers, thermolators, robotics, and other auxiliary equipment, recommends equipment and materials to improve mold changeover times;
  • Reviews cycle times, scrap rates, counts and optimizing processes for each press running;
  • Conducts new mold qualification and pilot run to establish effective and optimum processes;
  • Interface with the Process Engineer, Tooling/Production specialist, and Molding Manager to achieve processing requirements;
  • Identifies tooling related issues found during process start-ups or adjustments and communicates them to the department manager, processing engineer, or mold repair person;
  • Reviews work performed by mold setter/processors on a daily basis and instructs mold setter/processors on how to be more efficient;
  • Assists with maintaining and updating all required departmental records per SOP and defined ISO requirements, ensures all paperwork related to mold set-ups, pullouts and start-ups are properly completed and passed on to the department manager in a timely manner, ensures proper shop order paperwork is issued to various work stations on the production floor.
  • Functions as shift foreman, supervising shift in foreman’s absence on any shift as required;
  • Organizes, catalogs processing information stored on diskettes, CDs/DVDs, Flash Sticks, and M-cards;
  • Functions as the technical lead for identifying replacement gas assist related components;
  • Performs and is responsible for other duties and functions as delegated, directed, and necessary.

Reports to:

Manager, Molding Department


Education: High school education or higher

Knowledge: Must have vast knowledge of mold set-ups, hookups, injection molding machine controls, start-ups, gas assist in an injection molding facility.  Must have knowledge of engineering resins.  A working knowledge of injection molding equipment, mold operations, mold set-ups, plastic resins, and mixing procedures including math and measurement techniques/equipment.  Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing (working human relations skills)

Experience: Must have a minimum of five (5) years of advanced injection molding with processing, Mold tryout or technician experience in an injection molding technical experience and background is a must.

Independent Judgment: Constant. Performs duties with little supervision, regularly makes independent judgments. Must make independent decisions when required as to equipment, production, and personnel problems. Job requires leadership skills.

Quality: Follow regulatory, company, and departmental procedures implicitly. In the execution of the job function, the Process Technician must focus on the quality aspect of all activities.  Each assigned activity has at least an indirect, if not direct, impact on the profitability of the department.  Doing the job right the first time and in a timely manner is important to meeting management expectations.  The Process Technician is responsible for the quality output of the molding presses.  It should always be goal to achieve zero defects on each job.  Material loss on start-ups as well as production rejects must be minimized at all times.  Quality product delivered to Ferriot customer is the number one priority.

Physical Exertion: Routinely lifts 25 lbs. or more.  Occasionally requires lifting of heavy items, job requires being on feet most of the shift, bends twists, stoops, walks, lifts and extensively uses hands, wrists, and shoulders, legs, waist and back; uses hand/eye coordination to remove mold, and operate a tow motor, has to work with and around heat and dusts, must be able to climb and work effectively at heights, in tight places and uncomfortable positions.  Must be able to exert enough pressure to tighten mold bolts, connections and hook-ups.

Tools: Ratchets, knife(s), screw driver, hammer, wrenches, pry bars, molds, cans/drums, mixing tumblers, parts scale, staple machine, mills, bolts, clippers, pliers, sanders, funnels, channel locks, overhead crane, paper, markers, pencils, written policies and procedures, labor contract, conveyor ramps, automatic floor sweepers, brushes, vacuum loaders, tow motors, tape machines, band machines, truck docks, propane tanks, vacuums, brooms, locks and tagouts, absorbents, rags, gloves, dust masks, glasses/goggles, ladders, personal computer, network, ERP system, calculators, and micrometers.

Attendance: This is a second shift position. Must be in attendance on a regular, full time basis and conform to all Company Attendance Policies. Due to the leadership and directional nature of this position, attendance is of the utmost importance.  The Process Technician must be available and willing to work other shifts and work overtime (including weekends) as necessary/required.


Salary Non-Exempt. This is an “at will” position.


Interested individuals should fill out our online application. In-person applications are not accepted at our facility.

Ferriot, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Rev. 7/29/2020

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