Career Opportunity – Senior Account Manager, Sales Department

Position Purpose:

The Senior Account Manager cultivates new and manages existing customers for new business by targeting customers to be consistent with the company’s market focus and unit volume goals.  Primarily works on the road traveling assigned territory to customers and “opens doors” utilizing technical sales knowledge in the injection molding, part finishing, and contract manufacturing industries and establishing relationships with potential new accounts.  Makes sales presentations to customers.  Provides customer service as required.  Prepares reports as necessary and stays within budgeted expenses. Stays in contact with home office via personal visits, cell phone and internet.

Key competencies include:

  • Generates sales to support annual Company sales goals;
  • Secures orders from potential and existing customers;
  • Services assigned customer accounts to maintain business and grow additional business through increasing market share and winning new programs when available;
  • Secures opportunities to quote on customer requirements;
  • Identifies and targets new customers to be consistent with Ferriot market focus and unit volume goals;
  • Learns Company’s position and provides feedback on business won or lost;
  • Makes sales presentations to customers/potential customers;
  • Learns key positions of organizational chart for each customer and potential customer and assures that they each know of Ferriot’s capabilities.  This might include Procurement, Product Management, Quality, and Product Development functions for the customer;
  • Assures effective management of time.  Maintains regular, prompt and timely arrival for appointments and assigned accounts and uses effective call patterns to minimize travel time and maximize customer contact time;
  • Serves as a facilitator between the Company and each assigned customer. For example, this includes resolving differences between customer specs and Ferriot product, administering corporate pricing policies, and managing any customer-specific fulfillment system;
  • Listens closely to contacts/customers/potential customers to identify and evaluate potential opportunities;
  • Provides reports as required, including weekly call reports, won/lost business reports when appropriate, and monthly overview reports;
  • Provides market intelligence and analysis regarding competitors and customers, and understands internal politics and dynamics affecting sales within customer organizations;
  • Follows company policies and procedures as to travel and entertainment;
  • Assures timely submittal of expenses in a regular and timely manner;
  • Liaisons with home office via cell phone, phone, internet (email), and personal visits;
  • Performs other duties as assigned and directed.

Reports to:

Director of Sales and Marketing


Education: Four-year college degree (Bachelor’s Degree) in Sales, Marketing or Engineering field or equivalent in experience.

Knowledge: A technical sales knowledge in the plastic injection molding industry, finishing and contract manufacturing. A fundamental understanding of new technologies and how to open inroads to new customers.  A knowledge of relevant company functions/capabilities within the company and an ability to work with technical and product management personnel.  Strong inter-personal communication skills, including listening skills.  A knowledge of effective time management and prioritization.  Above average knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Experience: At least five years’ (10 is preferred) experience in technical sales within the higher level.  Experience in an injection molding facility is preferred.  A track record of year-over-year sales growth.  Must have a valid unrestricted driver’s license.  Must be able to fly when necessary.

Independent Judgment: Uses extensively when dealing with customers and assessing new business potential. A significant portion of time is spent outside the company, so exercising sound independent judgment is an essential skill.

Quality: Follows departmental procedures, giving significant attention to details and accuracy. It is extremely important to focus on the quality of work, with an eye to minimizing order errors and recording errors.  The Senior Account Manager role has a primary goal of providing exemplary service to customers to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Physical Exertion: Lifts light objects (20 pounds or less).  Most work is performed in an office environment with temperature control.  This role requires extensive travel, in an automobile or plane.  Due to preponderant use of computer and cell phone, extensively uses hand/eye coordination and associated repetitive hand, arm and body movements.  Requires the use of all communication faculties and requires considerable walking and/or mobility.

Attendance: Must be in attendance on a regular, full time basis and conform to all Company Attendance Policies. Must be available and willing to work overtime (including weekends) as necessary/required.


Salary exempt. This is an “at will” position.


Interested individuals should fill out our online application. In-person applications are not accepted at our facility.

Ferriot, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Rev. 11/12/2018

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