Career Opportunity – Quality Technician

Position Purpose:

We are looking for an experienced Quality Technician in our Quality Department. A successful candidate for this position will perform a variety of testing procedures for the quality department. This could include, but is not limited to, performing various quality functions including operation of the CMM; maintaining and following ISO guidelines, functioning as a liaison with other departments, customers, and vendors; performing inspection on molded and finished products and tools, including use of calipers, micrometers, pin gauges, optical comparator and assists in the development of quality procedures; instructs inspectors and production employees on proper quality techniques. Maintains Ferriot Gauge Control Program, including gauge calibration, R&R studies and other related duties. May perform supervisory duties (only as directed by the Quality Manager)

Key competencies include:

  • Performs inspections on molded and finished products and completed tools coming into the plant;
  • Performs first article inspections and layouts;
  • Researches and ensures all quality regulations are followed/complied with including SPC, TQM, and ISO;
  • Performs quality testing and testing on the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), recommends and assists in the development of quality tests including use of various measuring devises (calipers, micrometers, pin gauges and optical comparators);
  • Maintains company gauge control program which includes gauge calibration, R + R and other related duties;
  • Participates and performs functions necessary for quality audits including assistance developing quality procedures customer surveys, quality regulations and customer requirements;
  • Recommends and implements procedures necessary to meet customer quality needs, handles customer requests/questions including complaints, changes and information as necessary;
  • Liaisons with other departments and represents the quality department, regulates interdepartmental work flow;
  • Enforces company policies and procedures, handles employee complaints;
  • Ensures overall safety within quality department, including safety practices, procedures, and policies.  Assist in maintenance of the quality department’s hazard communications MSDS binders;
  • Inputs information on computer, recommends, develops and performs quality record keeping and documentation;
  • Assists the Quality Manager in setting up testing and quality compliance programs/policy;
  • Functions as a surrogate in the Quality Manager’s absence, when necessary;
  • Performs and is responsible for other duties and functions as delegated, directed and necessary;
  • Supervises and directs work functions of molded and finished product inspectors, coordinates and designates work schedules and duties of inspectors, handles and makes decisions concerning job problems within the quality department;

Reports to:

Manager of Quality


Education: High School education or higher.

Knowledge: A thorough knowledge of quality assurance in infection molded products and tools, including SPC, TQM, ISO and quality testing, operation of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) including understanding or ability to learn DMIS and/or MM 6.4 programs; must have understanding and ability to be trained and learn GD&T; familiar with advanced Product Quality Planning including FMEA, Control Plan, etc; working understanding of Product Approval Submission Requirements (PPAP, SPSP, FAI, etc.).  Must be able to read and have fundamental understanding of blueprints.  Must be able to calibrate and validate gauges and maintain Gauge Control Program (IQMS). Must have a good math/Geometry background, measuring techniques and working understanding of geometric tolerances and micrometers.  An ability to use and input on computers and an ability to communicate effectively.

Experience: At least three to five years’ experience in quality technician or related capacity or one to two years experience with a college degree or equivalent in quality assurance training. A background in an injection molding in quality assurance standards and dealing with injection molding parts/tools. A proven background supervising and dealing with people.

Independent Judgment: Regularly makes independent judgments. Must make autonomous decisions on occasion.  This job requires leadership abilities and the use of discretion and creative thinking.

Quality: Follows operational procedures.  Must be attentive to details with zero defects the goal.  It is extremely important to focus on quality of work first so as to dramatically reduce rejects.  Handles and protects all parts with utmost care.  May guide and assist in supervising quality inspectors in performing their duties.  The Quality Technician performs a variety of testing integral to the quality process including the coordinate measuring machine (CMM).  Ensures that the customer’s products conform to the customer’s expectations and liaisons with customers and other departments regarding quality issues.

Physical Exertion: Lifts 25 lbs or less. This job requires standing and walking periodically through the workday. Uses hands, wrists, and shoulders and hand/eye coordination.  Periodically bending, twisting, stooping, and use of the back depending on the size of the part.  Has to climb stairs when necessary to make copies and obtain part from sample part storage.  Works around heat and dust when out on the production floor.

Tools: Micrometers, calipers, tolerance testing devices, scales, rulers, trimos machines, CMM, pencils, paper, pens, pin gauges, optical comparator, inserts, Microsoft based systems, blueprints, various measuring devises, written procedures, computers, printers, paper, rolling part carts, telephones, paper clips, markers, files, safety equipment, (when required), copy machines, digital camera, bulletin boards, tacks, and clip boards.

Attendance: Must be in attendance on a regular, fulltime basis and conform to all company attendance policies. Must be available and willing to work all shifts and overtime (including weekends) as necessary/required.


Salary Exempt. This is an “at will” position


Interested individuals should send their resume, along with salary requirements, to

Ferriot, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Rev. 10/23/2017