Career Opportunity – Shift Supervisor, Molding Department, 3rd Shift

Position Purpose:

We are looking for an energetic, experienced supervisor with a proven track record for leading a team of operators in a manufacturing setting.  The successful candidate will be able to effectively communicate, coach and deal with people and develop a team atmosphere as a third shift supervisor in our Molding Department.

The Shift Supervisor – Molding performs supervisory and production functions for the assigned shift. This would include, but not be limited to: scheduling daily machine and duty assignments to employees on the shift, directing job functions, carrying out production requirements, overseeing equipment problems, handling employee complaints, problems, and discipline, liaisons with other departments and customers, performs mold setting duties as necessary.

Key competencies include:

  • Schedules and directs daily production, assigns machines following a rotation schedule;
  • Assigns and oversees production duties and functions on the shift;
  • Assists management with production requirements;
  • Troubleshoots and handles equipment and mold problems;
  • Ensures that quality assurance measures and procedures are followed, guides and assists quality inspectors as necessary;
  • Oversees training of employee, including new hires, assists employees with equipment, operational, production problems;
  • Enforces company policies and procedures, handles employee complaints, grievances, and disciplinary activities;
  • Makes recommendations and decisions concerning probationary hires and performance problems for all employees and documents problems and discussions with employee;
  • Confides with and follows Human Resources Department directions;
  • Ensures overall safety for shift, makes sure personnel follow safety practices and procedures;
  • Assists with hazard communications, accident reporting, and spill procedures;
  • Enforces company lockout/tagout procedures and tow motor safety, directs emergency evacuation;
  • Interacts with customers as needed;
  • Processes set-ups, starts up presses including dial ins;
  • Runs samples as needed;
  • Takes inventory counts;
  • Completes and collects daily mold set-up/pull out sheets;
  • Audits policies and procedures assigned to shift personnel;
  • Performs other duties as assigned and directed.

Reports to:

Manager, Molding Department


Education: High school education or higher

Knowledge: A working knowledge of injection molding equipment, mold set-ups, mold operations, plastic resins and mixing procedures including math and measurement techniques/equipment. Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing (working human relations skills).

Experience: At least 3 years experience as a supervisor in a manufacturing environment.

Independent Judgment: Constant. Performs duties with little supervision, regularly makes independent judgments. Must make independent decisions when required as to equipment, production, and personnel problems. Job requires leadership skills.

Quality: Follow regulatory, company and departmental procedures implicitly. In the execution of their job functions, shift foremen must focus on the quality aspect of their activities. Each assigned activity has at least an indirect if not direct impact on the profitability of the department. Doing the job right the first time and in a timely manner is important to meeting management expectations. Shift Foremen are responsible for the quality output of the molding presses. It should always be a goal to achieve zero defects on each job. Material loss on start-ups as well as production rejects must be minimized at all times. Quality product delivered to Ferriot customers is the number one priority.

Physical Exertion: Routinely lifts 15-40 lbs. Requires lifting of heavy items; job requires being on feet most of the shift, bends, twists, stoops, walks, lifts and extensively uses hands, wrists and shoulders, legs, waist, and back, uses hand/eye coordination to remove mold, drive tow motor when necessary; has to work with and around heat and dust; must be able to climb and work effectively at heights, in tight places and uncomfortable positions. Must be able to exert enough pressure to securely tighten mold bolts, connections, and hook-ups.

Tools: Ratchet, knives, screw driver, hammer, wrenches, pry bars, molds, cans/drums, mixing tumblers, parts scale, staple machine, mills, bolts, clippers, pliers, sanders, funnels, channel locks, overhead crane, paper, markers, pencils, written policies and procedures, labor contract, conveyor ramps, automatic floor sweepers, brushes, vacuum loaders, tow motors, tape machines, band machines, truck docks, propane tanks, vacuums, brooms, locks and tag outs, absorbents, rags, gloves, dust masks, glasses/goggles, and ladders.

Attendance: Must be in attendance on a regular, full time basis and conform to all company attendance policies. Due to the leadership and directional nature of this position, attendance is of utmost importance. The Shift Foreman must be available and willing to work other shifts and overtime (including weekends) as necessary/required.


Hourly non-bargaining unit. This is an “at will” position.


Interested individuals should send their résumé, along with salary requirements, to

Ferriot, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Rev. 7/7/2017