Which Injection Molding Technology is Right For You?

Learn which injection molding technology is right for your application.To get started, read the statements and check the box that best describes what you need. Then, read the accompanying description of the injection molding technology below. When you are ready to discuss your project further, call us at (330) 786-3000.

  • I need a basic plastic covering for my product. (see #1)
  • I need an object inserted into my plastic. (see #2)
  • I need a thicker, more heavy-duty plastic that can survive some impact, such as weather, UV, or chemical exposure. (see #3)
  • I need a plastic alternative to concrete, sheet metal, wood, or fiberglass. (see #3)
  • I need my plastic to have a specific shape, but I have a design that might cause cosmetic issues. (see #4)
  • I need my plastic to have a “softer touch,” for easier handling or gripping. (see #5)

#1: Straight Injection Molding

This is the most traditional form of injection molding. It’s the first place to turn if you need to cover something in plastic. If you have part size or geometry issues, then you need to consider one of the other technologies below.

#2: Insert Molding

Insert molding technology is used when you need an object inserted into your plastic. A portion of that insert is then encased in plastic to make your final product. An example of insert molding would be inserting a metal hinge pin to create a door.

#3: Structural Foam

Structural foam technology creates parts that are larger and sturdier than straight injection molding. Additionally, because the outer skin is solid and the center of the wall is foam, part weight is reduced.

#4: Gas-Assist Molding

If you have some geometry that will cause cosmetic issues, but you can’t make the geometry conform to standard design principles of plastic, then gas-assist technology is for you.

#5: Over Molding

When you think about how people will handle you product, would a softer grip help to improve the user experience? If so, then over molding is the right technology for you.
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