7 Key Points to Consider When Transferring Injection Molds from Suppliers

Transforming Injection Molding Vendors into Injection Molding Partners

Increasingly, design engineers and their employers are looking for vendors that they can partner with over the long term for help with issues like part design/optimization, tooling modifications or simplification, resin selection, cost containment, just-in-time delivery, and special finishes to name but a few.

Injection Molding for Fuel Pump Nozzles

Converting from metal to plastic can be tricky. Learn how a fuel pump OEM saved on the move without compromising quality.

Custom Mold Manufacturing for Video Conferencing Units

In order to meet deadline for its video conferencing units, a Fortune 1000 original equipment manufacturer reached out to Ferriot, Inc. for assistance. Not only did these video conferencing units need to be in top working order starting with the first unit, but they also needed to be designed for indoor and outdoor applications. No small feat when 28 different plastic parts are required.