Pad Printing Services: 3 Common Problems to a Centuries-old Process & 3 Simple Solutions

Contract Manufacturing for Digital Printers

A Fortune 500 OEM needed enclosures for an 8,000-pound digital printer. Ferriot was able to use our expertise in testing and quality procedures to organize the framework for 31 different components, and manage the supply chain process that delivered over 450 parts to the project.

Creating Injection Molded Parts that Shine

Injection molded parts that shine with chrome finishing can provide a level of corrosion protection, makes cleaning the surface easier, and increases the part’s overall durability. But chrome finishing should never be an afterthought; careful planning is required to ensure the shiny, mirror-like shine you want.

Insert Molding

Ferriot's expertise in injection molding is exemplified in their innovative insert molding process. Insert molding is the placing of an object (insert) into an injection mold and then encasing some portion of it in plastic. Using automated processes Ferriot minimizes the variables that affect final part quality by ensuring a consistent, reliable, and repeatable process.