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Ferriot Inc. is a full-service contract manufacturing and precision molder of engineered resins, but more importantly, we are an extension of your product design and engineering team. We partner with our clients to ensure the right resins are selected for the application and we paint in-house – saving them time, markups and shipping costs.We take pride in advising our clients in how to design a part for maximum precision in molding, yet saves them money. A small decrease in thickness can result in 20% savings in shipping costs.

Ferriot has been in the injection molding business for nearly 100 years. Over that time, we’ve seen product design and engineering go through a number of changes. More is expected with less and engineers are micro-focused on their area of expertise. Gone are the days where engineers were familiar with all of the resin types available and knew the ins and outs of structural foam. Fortunately, that’s where our passion lies. We are here to advise you, guide you and be your partner from conception through execution.

Ferriot makes enclosures and encasements for medical equipment, injection molded components for business machines, and numerous industrial applications of injection molding. When your project requires precision, contact us.

Ferriot’s expertise in a wide range of molding disciplines enables you to have a singular partner for multiple projects. Because we paint in-house, we ensure your consumer-facing part is on-brand and on-spec. Best of all, because we don’t outsource this cosmetic work, you won’t experience hidden markups. Our processes, such as full or partial assembly of mechanical and electro-mechanical components and capacity to insert mold subcomponents directly into products, lead to maximum efficiency and minimal part rejection.

While we serve a wide variety of industries, our manufacturing precision and expertise in resin selection has been particularly important to customers from the medical devices industry.  This sector is particularly reliant on tight tolerances in our processes. An imperfection can lead to legal liability issues and product failures in the field. A last-minute change in resin could mean delays in going to market and FDA additional approval. That’s why engineers for all varieties of medical device molding products trust Ferriot. From medical carts, mobile medical, diagnostic equipment and more – Ferriot’s experience and pride in workmanship in medical device molding is top notch.

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