Ferriot's Commitment to Innovation, Quality, and Integrity

At Ferriot Inc., our mission and vision drive our every endeavor, empowering us to deliver exceptional value to our customers while fostering a workplace culture of innovation, integrity, and care.

Vision Statement

To continually evolve​ and bring​ creative product solutions​ to our customers by unlocking the full potential​ and engagement of our people.​

Mission Statement

Driven by a strong sense of caring and company legacy, our team continues to build an innovative Ferriot brand that delivers high value to our customers, positive contributions to our people and community, and extends financial security to all of our stakeholders.​

Ferriot’s WHY​

Ferriot exists to ​build confidence in everything we do. We deliver this by​ providing value added solutions ​to unique challenges ​in the plastics industry.​​

Our Values​


We act with commitment and loyalty to our work family and balance that with concern and caring for our individual families.​


We use our resources wisely for the company, for the environment and for society.​

Do the Right Thing

Our teams act with integrity and honesty and are committed to safety and quality.​

Work Ethic

Make something better today. We are diligent, passionate and energetic. We aspire to face hurdles with dedication and hard work; and to adapt and overcome.​


Through teamwork we can maximize our individual talents and achieve greatness. We are committed to providing value to our company, our customers, our suppliers and to society by working together.​


Honesty and authenticity are important in what we do, how we act and what we say. Transparency breed trust and makes all interactions more enjoyable.​

Continuous Improvement

We embrace change and challenge convention. We aspire to be diligent and accountable and to learn from our failures and celebrate our successes.​


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