Advantages of Structural Foam Molding

Design for Manufacturability

Our molding experience covers the knowledge of good Design for Manufacturability, a comprehensive understanding of all thermoplastic resin families, and custom injection-mold design expertise. Typically, we stock more than 150 varieties of resins at any given time in our 200,000-square-foot facility, conveniently located to the major markets of the Midwest and East Coast.

As one of the few “systems houses” in North America, Ferriot can step in at any point in the manufacturing process because our engineering, design, molding, and tooling, and finishing technologies can be applied to products in concept development or at any other stage of production.

Ferriot’s structural foam molding process manufacturer services extend through final production, complete with custom color, cosmetic finishing, and assembly.

Call us to discuss the advantages and benefits of a custom design for structural foam-molded components to optimize performance.

How can we help?

Ferriot’s experienced engineers are here to guide you through every critical step in your injection molding journey, from concept to completion.