At Ferriot, we finish what we start.

Reduce cost and save time by taking advantage of our secondary services.

Ferriot offers a comprehensive range of value-added services for plastic injection molding. We understand the importance of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality control for a finished product that meets and exceeds expectations.

At Ferriot, your entire project can proceed from one workstation to another under one roof. This eliminates additional shipping and packaging costs to multiple locations, shortens project timelines and ensures a higher degree of quality control. Leverage our value-added services for a more streamlined experience.


Contract Manufacturing

Through contract manufacturing, our team completes supply chain development and manufacturing, process qualification, product testing and final assembly.

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Painting and Decorating

Through our multiple paint booths, our painting services are 24/7. We provide primer and color to finished textures, and we apply paint through high-volume Low – Pressure.

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EMI / RFI Shielding

With EMI / RFI Shielding, we offer electromagnetic shielding, radio frequency shielding, and medical equipment and we prevent any electronic malfunction and interference.

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Our inserting service allows for easy assembly and strong, reusable threads. There are multiple installation methods, in addition to post-molding operation.

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Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a fast and efficient way to join thermoplastic parts through a high quality bond utilizing a hermetic seal while also decreasing production costs.

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Heat Staking

During heat staking, our team works with metal and electronic components to join thermoplastic to other components without any hardware resulting in no mechanical stress!

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Attention to Detail

When it comes to mold design and production, we take a meticulous approach. Our expert team carefully evaluates your parts and their design to determine the best process and methodology. Whether it involves incorporating features into the molds or adding them afterwards, we examine the options to ensure the highest quality and cost effectiveness.

The cycle time or molding cycle dictates the amount of available time for post-processing in the cell. When time does not allow for post-production services within the cell itself, we can complete the project in our finishing department.

It all begins with resin selection. Once we pinpoint your specific requirements and the parts’ intended use, we can consider the properties of different resins and assess molding techniques to achieve your desired outcome. We can adjust project parameters based on your priorities, focusing on cost and timeliness while delivering on our quality promise.

We offer our expertise to select the right resin color to match project specifications. Special considerations for functional properties however, such as a fire rating or UV resistance can impact finished product color or limit resin color selection. In those instances, painting the part exterior can help achieve the desired color.

Value-Add Competencies

In addition to our core competency of injection molding, we offer a range of value-added options for our customers to enhance or complete your project.

Printing and Painting

  • Textured painting
  • Branding and logo integration
  • Pad printing, hot stamping and digital printing for:
    • Product Names
    • Photographs
    • Mandated warnings
    • Instructions for use and more

Assembly and Kitting

  • Inserts provided for simplified product assembly
  • Basic assembling and sub-assembly shipments

Electro-magnetic finishing (EMI/RFI shielding)

  • Protect or prevent electromagnetic interference and/or radio frequency interference (RFI) from interfering with and penetrating the device operation intended for insertion within the injection molded part
  • Typically painted on interior side of a plastic enclosure
  • Ensure reliable performance and meet regulatory requirements
  • Prevent device itself from causing interference

Ultrasonic Welding

  • Dedicated welding machines for joining plastic parts
  • Focus on creating stronger, more functional pieces
  • Ability to design enclosures for easy disassembly if required

Turnkey service

Find comprehensive services from project start to finish, including final packaging and assembly. We can ship directly to your desired location. This assembly, packaging and final product delivery from a trusted supplier helps simplify logistical challenges of working with multiple job shops, helps elevate finished product quality and saves time and expenses.

A Trusted Resource for Value-Added Services

We understand the challenges you face and the importance of value-added service that enhance or complete your projects. With our expertise, comprehensive capabilities, and customer-driven approach, you’ll find a trustworthy business partner in Ferriot for plastic injection molding services and value-added finishing.

Contact us today to explore how we can support your next project and deliver exceptional results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What value-added services does Ferriot offer?

Contract manufacturing, painting and decorating, EMI / RFI shielding, inserting, ultrasonic welding, and heat staking.Read More

What contract manufacturing services does Ferriot provide?

Our expertise includes engineering, product design, injection molding, custom molding, sub- and finished assembly and the on-time delivery of components and finished products for major industry.Read More

What should designers know about ultrasonic welding?

It is important for designers to consider product requirements when parts are being designed for ultrasonic assembly. Joint design and resin selection decisions are impacted by these inputs.Read More

Why use ultrasonic welding services for plastics manufacturing?

Ultrasonic welding is faster, safer, and cheaper than other means of bringing plastic components together.Read More

What are the differences Between EMI and RFI shielding?

The specific difference has a lot to do with the frequency at which electrical distortions fall between. All RFI is EMI, but not all EMI is RFI.Read More

What is heat staking? When should it be used?

Heat staking is one of the many processes used in plastic assembly when at least one of the parts is made from thermoplastic. In most cases, heat staking is the preferred method for joining metal parts to plastics. It is also used to join two dissimilar plastic components.Read More

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