Custom Mold Manufacturing


Custom Mold ManufacturingAt Ferriot, we have the deep experience of designing and specifying the construction of injection molds. Because Ferriot also manufactures products by using those same molds, we have a vested interest in optimizing the design for manufacturability. Why does this matter? It’s because our productivity as a manufacturer and our ability to turn out superior products depends on optimal mold designs.

Veteran knowledge results in innovation

Yes, mold design is about 3D technology. But great designs still depend on experienced engineers and technicians who intuitively know the configurations that will result in best design practices and best manufacturing practices to produce finished products engineered for ideal performance in both functionality and durability. Conversely, these same engineers and technicians can spot trouble before it happens.

Whether it’s a softer-textured finish, an adequate draft so that a part can be ejected without drag marks, or the rigidity that can withstand 200-mile-an-hour winds, Ferriot’s team of veterans add instincts to professional knowledge. That results in innovation.

For example, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of gas pumps wanted to convert the metal parts on the boot of a gasoline nozzle to a thermoplastic component. Ferriot engineers helped the OEM develop an innovative thermoplastic alternative that resists gas vapors — allowing the OEM to save money without sacrificing functionality.

The secret ingredient is really the hand of the engineer who invents new solutions and sees them to production.

Ferriot engineers, in this case, helped set in motion a new course for the production of gasoline pumps.

Size matters. Engineered plastics matter. And fine distinctions make the difference in finished products.

We hope you’ll want to learn more about how Ferriot can support your new product innovation (NPI) efforts. The earlier in the development process that we are engaged with NPI, the better the finished product and the shorter the time to market.

Custom Mold Design

Call us with your innovative ideas for transforming — and economizing — the products and equipment of tomorrow.

Ferriot uses a global portfolio of mold builders to satisfy our customers’ needs. Based on part geometry, complexity and many other factors, Ferriot will work with you to develop the best injection mold sources for your program. Molds will come to Ferriot for qualification and production once they have been built and have passed preliminary testing.

Call us at any stage of product development. Ferriot can help take innovation to market.

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