Design Assistance

Ferriot provides design assistance for your custom manufacturing project.Ferriot offers full-service design assistance at any stage of product development or production.

Services include:

  • Rapid prototyping of parts to support design and development
  • Design for manufacturability analytical work, with a lead engineer assigned to each project
  • Advanced applications, including mold flow and warp analysis for difficult parts or critical-to-function parts
  • Application assistance and selection of the optimum performing engineered resins
  • Combining services to achieve the high functionality of finished plastic parts and products

At Ferriot, we develop the molds that we then use in manufacturing components and finished products. Because of that, our effectiveness as a manufacturer — and our reputation — depend on our ability to turn out optimized designs for superior products.

3D CAD technology

Today’s 3D CAD technology allows for the development of any geometry in virtual 3D space. Turning that design into a great design still depends on skilled engineers who intuitively know the geometry needed for optimal functionality. That takes experience — spotting trouble before it happens, for example, or knowing how to create actions in molds that achieve the desired part geometry.

We love it when customers push us. Ferriot’s engineers help create the “what if” products that change the customer experience.

Whether it’s a soft-touch textured finish for easy handling in a hospital operating room, or a durable industrial part, Ferriot’s engineers help create the “what if” products that change the customer experience.

We love a challenge

We love it when customers push us. In one recent example, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of gas pumps challenged us to convert a group of metal parts at the boot of a gasoline nozzle to engineered plastic components. Ferriot engineers helped develop a durable plastic solution that resists gas vapors, allowing the OEM to save money without sacrificing functionality.

Ferriot engineers, in this case, helped set in motion a new course for the production of gasoline pumps.

Call us with your innovative ideas for transforming — and economizing — the products and equipment of tomorrow. For years, we have been helping customers do just that and look forward to your next challenge.

Size Matters

Material properties matter. And fine distinctions make the difference-both in the functionality and manufacturability of products with consistently desirable results.

We hope you’ll contact Ferriot the next time you need plastic components designed.

Custom mold designs and manufacturing

88 years of institutional excellence

Ferriot’s 88-year history documents our institutional excellence in design and engineering — the foundational strength of the entire manufacturing process and the key to enterprising products of the future.

Call us at any stage of product development. Ferriot can help take innovation to market. Or we can step in at any time events require a transfer to a new manufacturing partner.

About the Custom Mold Design Process at Ferriot

At Ferriot, the entire custom molding process is a rigorous journey from design to production readiness. How you design a mold, build it and validate it determines the foundational strength of the entire manufacturing process.

Ferriot is here to help you navigate the maze of properly designed and built injection molds, from design to usability on the factory floor. We offer maximum flexibility because we draw on a global network of mold makers. With a wide range of capabilities within our talent pool, we match each job to the right skill set for each mold design, whether simple or complex. There is a great deal more to making a quality molds than simply getting the 3D geometry right for the core and cavity in blocks of steel. Defining the optimum parting line, specifying the design and components that will provide the best possible life with minimum maintenance and more are all part of the Ferriot package.

Download our case study: Custom parts for a medical equipment OEM