Injection Molding for an Alternative to Wood Shake Siding

Ferriot Innovates a High-Quality Alternative to Wood Shake Siding

American Original logoFerriot Inc. sought to draw on the combined strength of its design, engineering, molding and production capabilities to create a high quality alternative to wood shake siding for residential homes. In 2006, Ferriot created a wholly owned subsidiary, American Original Building Products, LLC, with the goal of becoming the market leader in this sector.

The challenge required superior product design complemented by the engineering of just the right thermoplastic olefin system for durability and cost efficiency. In addition, Ferriot would need to apply its molding-building expertise to produce an attractive finish with all the intricate variations of natural cedar.

In Six Years, American Original’s Shingles Have Become a Market Leader in This Category

Wood Shake Siding alternativeinjection molded Wood Shake SidingFerriot drew on its design and engineering expertise to create a thermoplastic olefin system with the strength to endure high winds and storms and to resist dings and damage. Ferriot then produced an injection-molded composite with the strength and rigidity necessary to meet performance expectations.

Design considerations also allowed for a paintable outer surface, easy installation and manufacturing efficiency.

Product testing demonstrated durability, with the ability to withstand 200-miles-per-hour winds, compared to the industry standard of 160 miles-per-hour wind resistance.

Ferriot also applied advanced color quality-management systems, so the color of the shingles would be consistent from lot to lot. It’s proprietary color formulation ensures a minimal variation in color for at least 10 years.

The product comes in 14 colors and four styles – Cedar Shake, Hand-Split Shake, Cape Cod Shake and Scallop (Half-Round). American Original offers the largest line of single-course panels available.

In five years, American Original shingles captured a significant portion of the North American market for thermoplastic shingles.

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