Injection Molding for Fuel Pump Nozzles

Fuel Pump Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Seeks Savings Through Metal to Durable Plastic Conversion

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A leading OEM of fuel pumps wanted to replace the metal boots of gas nozzles with a durable plastic component. To realize the conversion to plastic – and to save money – the OEM needed a solution with vapor resistance and durability coupled with designs that would allow for its efficient manufacturing.

Ferriot’s engineers Help Usher in a New Market Alternative for Gasoline Pump Nozzles

Ferriot’s designers and engineers worked with the OEM to choose the right resins for cost efficiency and maximum durability. The collaboration allowed Ferriot to design and manufacture a durable plastic alternative to metal gas-nozzle boots. In addition, Ferriot drew on the institutional expertise of its engineering team to develop these components, meeting the OEM’s performance requirements at a lower cost.

By working with simple polymers and by knowing the right resins to use, Ferriot created the ideal complex structure to optimize the performance of the OEM’s gas nozzle boots.

Following the design of the thermoplastic solution, Ferriot worked with the OEM to build the mold, prepare for production and build the subassembly

durable plastic partsThe thermoplastic component consistently met the high standards of functionality required for gas pumps across America. As a result, the OEM is saving money without sacrificing quality. Ferriot continues to work with this OEM on the next generation of fuel pumps.

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