Injection Processes… Bringing your design to life

Every project is different. Each has its own requirements. Ferriot has numerous injection processes that enable us to deliver what you need, when you need it. 

  • Lighter & stronger engineered plastics
  • Replace metal or traditional plastic components
  • Exceptionally rigid & cost effective
  • Recommended for hollow pieces
  • Thin-walled parts with large hollowed out sections
  • Improves/increases strength of thin parts
  • Placement/encasing components into injection molded parts
  • High precision and consistency
  • Automated robotics assembly process
  • Add softer touch, grip to molded parts
  • Improves grip on hand controls, tools
  • Provide water resistance or sound absorption
  • Capacity range: small parts weighing a few grams to 20+ pounds
  • Simple to complex geometries for small to large parts
  • Over 150 resin selections available

Injection Molding: Educational Resources

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