Negri Bossi Press Installation Progress

Ferriot has begun the installation of an exciting addition to our press fleet: A new 2,250-ton Negri Bossi injection molding large press. The new press will increase our production capacity, operate more efficiently, and accelerate delivery times for finished products. As a back-up to our next-largest press, it will help assure our customers for larger plastic parts that we have the capacity to quickly turn around their orders.

Parts for the new press are scheduled to arrive the first week of January, 2018 via a fleet of 18-wheeled trucks. There will be many steps involved in the assembly of the press and all its peripheral parts—robots, dryers, conveyors and magnetic platens.

As we hit significant installation milestones for this project, we will provide updates here and additional information in our blog.

In order to install such a large press, special plant floor reinforcement and preparation was needed.

November 30: The new concrete for the machine’s foundation was poured. It required 3 to 4 weeks to fully cure.

About the Negri Bossi BI-POWER VH2000-22500 Press

  • Robust design for proven, reliable performance
  • Clamping unit with generous tie bar spacing and clamping pistons on the moving platen for excellent reliability and faster dry cycle times
  • Long ejector strokes
  • Robust twin cylinder injection unit
  • Fully digital CanBus control
  • Electric screw drive for energy savings, and overlapping movements for faster cycle times
  • Powerful, user-friendly COLUMBIA user interface with full range of control parameters
  • Amico™ wireless remote service access
  • Automation capabilities via KUKA multi-function robot and IQMS enterprise systems