Pad Printing

Custom pad printing at Ferriot

At Ferriot, we like to add good looks to the reliable functionality of components and finished products that we produce for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Our pad-printing operation allows us to add branding, user interface communication and artistic finishes to the outer plastic and metal components of any product or subassembly.

Give us whatever multicolor artwork or descriptive information you’d like us to apply. We’ll incorporate your images to produce the attractive outer encasements that your customers will ultimately see — on business machines, at gas pumps, at drive-through lines, on medical equipment and much more.


At Ferriot, our full-service manufacturing includes developing and building fixtures to support manufacturing processes. Ferriot has developed unique solutions to hold each part during various manufacturing processes, including pad printing, ultrasonic welding, insertion welding, cooling/warp control and assembly.

True, it’s basic. But in holding parts firmly in place during manufacturing allows maximum precision with minimal manpower, resulting in the highest-quality fixture.

Heat Staking

Ferriot’s complex heat-staking capacity adds to manufacturing efficiency. Our four-zone heat-staking equipment allows for the simultaneous joining of multiple sets of components. This also allows for the heat-staking of more complex geometries.

View the Case Study: Finishing operations for wheelchair components.

About Finishing Operations at Ferriot

At Ferriot, we deliver finished products and subassemblies on time to any location.

The advantage: Our customers avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers of parts and pieces. Instead, they receive just the finished assemblies they need — whether simple or complex — meeting their manufacturing needs and their delivery deadlines.

The versatility of our skilled workforce differentiates Ferriot. Our workers cross train for multiple jobs, allowing us to balance work flow for maximum efficiency. Workers routinely shift from assembly lines to paint stations, for example. With factory workers averaging more than 20 years of experience each, our talent pool covers a full range of core competencies:

  • Finished painting
  • EMI/RFI shielding applications
  • Cosmetic coatings
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Hot stamping
  • Heat staking
  • Pad printing

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