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Proprietary injection molding products for new homesIn 2008, Ferriot introduced a proprietary injection molding product to the building industry: American Original Shake & Scallop Siding.

With the resurgence of American cedar shake styling and demand for new home cladding options, Ferriot engineers saw an opportunity to use their injection molding expertise and ingenuity to create a best-in-class polymer siding product.



Smarty Built and Truly Original

EverWeathered Cedar Shake SidingAmerican Original Building Products LLC (AOBP) was born with the intention of creating the natural look of classic, cedar shake shingles in a smartly built product that is easy to install and requires little to no maintenance. Made of polypropylene, AOBP shake panels outperform similar vinyl cladding products. Using years of injection molding mastery, the company succeeded in creating realistic shake textures in easy to install panels. American Original Building Products focused on color matching quality and installation features to create a premium product with four shake profiles… truly an original.

For the stocking distributor, American Original Building Products offers 16 standard shades and four shake styles. In 2020, we are also introducing EverWeathered traditional shake, our new color collection offering the rich hues of naturally aged siding.

EverWeathered Cedar Shake Siding


Private Label Manufacturing

Since its inception, American Original Building Products has become a third-party manufacturer for many reputable building products companies. Our private label capabilities and custom color services enable us to support every customer’s specific needs. Our equipment is 100% dedicated to this product line allowing for a quick turnaround on orders. Complete services from order to delivery to your distribution centers is part of our complete third-party manufacturing service.

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Exceeding Industry Standards

Certified Polypropylene SidingOur shake and scallop siding products have been certified to meet or exceed industry standards for polypropylene siding performance and verified by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI). An independent, accredited quality control agency has conducted a series of rigorous tests and unannounced inspections to ensure compliance for weatherability, wind load, and impact resistance; expansion and shrinkage; surface distortion; length, width, and thickness; and color retention.

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