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Ferriot’s approach to total quality management is evident in everything we do. Our 85-year-history, experienced workforce, and our state-of-the-art 200,000-square-foot facility are only part of what indicates our dedication and commitment to quality. A quality audit documents that quality. Not only do our processes adhere to defined and documented quality standards, but our effectiveness and efficiency can be measured as well. We routinely assess our processes for noncompliance and problems. We also identify efficiency and good practices. Serious consideration is given to developing and implementing corrective actions and policies. In all solutions and actions, cost-effectiveness is balanced with manufacturing efficiency to ensure quality. We strive for continuous improvement across all processes and services. Communication across departments and units ensures continuous improvement.

We invite you to request a quality audit even while considering Ferriot for your project. We would be happy to discuss a process to manufacture components for your project. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how our total quality management program works across our entire menu of contract manufacturing services, from design, supply-line development and management, process qualification, product testing, and mold making to assembling and finishing, and drop shipping with a quality audit.

Contact us using the form below to schedule a quality audit or ask a question, and a Ferriot associate will contact you at the earliest opportunity–usually within an hour during business hours. For immediate assistance, please contact 330-786-3000.

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