Finishing Operations



At Ferriot, we deliver finished products and subassemblies on time to any location.

The advantage: Our customers avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers of parts and pieces. Instead, they receive just the finished assemblies they need — whether simple or complex — meeting their manufacturing needs and their delivery deadlines.

The versatility of our skilled workforce differentiates Ferriot. Our workers cross train for multiple jobs, allowing us to balance work flow for maximum efficiency. Workers routinely shift from assembly lines to paint stations, for example. With factory workers averaging more than 20 years of experience each, our talent pool covers a full range of core competencies.

Our finishing operations include


  • Finished painting of parts up to nine feet in length
  • EMI/RFI shielding applications
  • Cosmetic coatings
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Hot stamping
  • Heat staking
  • Pad printing

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Finished Painting

We operate two multistation wet paint lines that can run around the clock. With two overhead conveyor systems — incorporating six paint booths — we apply multiple coats of paint from primer to color to finished texture, including decorative designs and branding.

All paint booths are equipped with high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) paint application systems. Our process is by hand, not automation.

With multiple infrared, flash off and curing ovens, Ferriot offers inter-stage drying for components or assemblies up to nine feet long.

At Ferriot, what goes onto the conveyor for a coat of primer, leaves the line ready for shipping and delivery.

Ferriot’s painting capacity extends to high mix, high-volume jobs.

The advantage of the Ferriot system: Cost and time savings as a result of continuous movement from one paint station to another, ending up with attractive finished products complete with branding and labeling.

Ultrasonic Insertion

With nine mobile ultrasonic insertion machines, Ferriot offers flexibility, coupled with a continuous flow of multiple insertions into a single assembly. Finished products come off the line with minimal human touch — meaning maximum efficiency.

At Ferriot, our institutional understanding of the relationship between frequency and amplitude qualifies us to optimize ultrasonic insertion processes to meet individual customer needs.

Our equipment includes three types of Dukane ultrasonic welding machines:

  • Fixed-station units
  • Hand-held units
  • A radio arm for handling larger parts

Interested in consistent results and control over processes? Call us to discuss the advantages of ultrasonic insertion over other techniques.

Ultrasonic Welding

At Ferriot, we ultrasonically weld parts and pieces together to create bonded thermoplastic units that enclose the complex inner-workings of business machines, medical devices and other types of equipment.

Our ultrasonic welding process produces finished components that pass performance tests for gas-tightness, air-tightness and water-tightness when required. Product testing is documented and traceable by lot.

Looking for a clean, fast and highly automated process for medical, business and other technical equipment? Call us to learn more about the advantages of bonding materials with high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations — no bolts, no nails and no adhesives.

Fixturing and Heat Staking

At Ferriot, our full-service manufacturing includes developing and building fixtures to support manufacturing through a variety of processes, such as pad printing, ultrasonic welding, insertion welding and assembly.

Yes, it’s basic. But holding parts firmly in place during manufacturing allows for proper precision with minimal effort, resulting in the highest-quality fixture.

Similarly, Ferriot’s complex heat-staking capacity contributes to manufacturing efficiency. Our four-zone heat-staking equipment allows for the simultaneous joining of multiple sets of components.

Pad Printing

At Ferriot, we like to add good looks to the reliable functionality of components and products we produce.

Our pad-printing operation allows us to add branding, functional instruction and/or artistic finishes to the outer plastic and metal components of any product or subassembly.

Give us whatever multicolor artwork or descriptive information you’d like us to apply. We’ll incorporate your images to produce the attractive outer encasements that consumers ultimately see — on business machines, at gas pumps, at drive-through lines, on medical equipment and much more.


EMI/RFI Shielding

At Ferriot, we have been providing EMI/RFI shielding for more than 30 years — keeping devices free from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference while also protecting the outside environment from potentially harmful rays.

We wet spray with nickel-based, copper-based and silver-based conductive paint, depending on the performance required. From our pioneering work in the medical field, we moved naturally into protecting sophisticated business and technical equipment as well.

We apply a combination of stainless and urethane nests and paint masks to make sure that shielding covers required areas only.

Our traceable, quality-control testing ensures that the conductivity specifications of our customers are met.

Ferriot’s HVLP shielding system relies on recirculating pots to maintain the proper suspension of metals to achieve the required electrical properties. No shielding job is too large or too small for our operation.


If you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Ferriot can simplify your production process by consolidating outsourced assembly services in one place.

Our factory services extend from design assistance and prototyping all the way to product assembly and subassembly, cosmetic finishes and drop shipping.

The advantage: We take steps out of the manufacturing process for you — in sourcing components, managing supply lines, calibrating tools, testing, inspecting and more.

We produce both finished assemblies and subassemblies that are ready to plug into final products.

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