Ferriot Presents Metal to Plastic Conversion at ID&E Show

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By: Liz Lipply | August 15, 2017

We were pleased to participate in the Industrial Design & Engineering show this past May in Cleveland, Ohio. This show brought together design engineers and plant managers from across the country to learn about emerging technologies and to share their experiences.

Metal to Plastic Conversion

Ferriot’s Dave Harman describes a successful Metal-to-Plastic Case History example to show attendees at the Industrial Design & Engineering Show. Picture Courtesy of Machine Design.


During this year’s show, Ferriot was one of five companies participating in the Case Study Corner, where each firm shared details on how they helped a customer. We chose to refer to recent project that involved helping a customer switch from metal to plastic components in their product.  It was a very successful strategy for both Ferriot and our customer that not only helped them reduce costs, but also increased the longevity of their components with a more durable plastic part. This particular customer produces the gas station pump housings we all see. Since this part is visible to the consumer, it had to perform well, be cost-efficient to manufacture, and look great to the consumer as well. Ferriot used a lot of our resin selection expertise to recommend a resin that would be chemical resistant, support a high gloss consumer polish and not crack in either hot or cold temperatures.

We’d like to thank Machine Design magazine, one of the show sponsors, for writing about our participation in its blog article. I’d encourage you to read the article to learn about the other four companies that participated in the Case Study Corner, and read our Case History to learn more about the application.

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