Navigating the Spare Parts and Labor Challenges: How Ferriot Stands Prepared

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By: Liz Lipply | October 6, 2023

Businesses across various industries continue to struggle with supply chain and labor shortage disruptions, long after the pandemic has ended. It’s a problem that doesn’t seem to go away. However, at Ferriot Inc, we are proud to share our experience in overcoming these hurdles, ensuring we remain well-equipped to serve our valued customers with efficiency and reliability.

Spare Parts

The global supply chain disruptions have resulted in a scarcity of spare parts for many manufacturers, causing delays in production and hindering the ability to meet customer demands. Additionally, the shortage of skilled labor poses significant obstacles for companies that need to maintain seamless operations and uphold product quality.

Amid the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, one notable setback specific to the plastics industry was the delay in resin supply, which subsequently impacted timelines. However, that situation is steadily improving as resin production resumes normal levels.

Another significant concern has been the scarcity of spare parts – a predicament that persisted even during the pandemic’s peak. While these components were once readily stocked in North America, depleting supplies coupled with supply chain constraints in Europe and Asia led to a shortage. Responding proactively, we’ve taken a unique step to safeguard operational continuity. We’ve significantly bolstered our critical spare parts inventory, amounting to a six-figure investment. This strategic move aims to transform machine breakdowns from potential crises into manageable situations, mitigating downtime.

While we may not possess sufficient stock to reconstruct an entire machine, our focus lies in meticulously assessing historical part failures and reinforcing our reserves of these essential components. Through these measures, we are reaffirming our commitment to maintaining operational resilience and elevating our service quality. This strategic preparedness ensures minimal downtime for our clients, thereby fostering a strong and lasting partnership.

Staff Recruitment Strategies

At Ferriot Inc, we understand that skilled labor is the backbone of our success. Our comprehensive approach to recruitment and talent acquisition has played a pivotal role in assembling a highly qualified and dedicated workforce. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, we empower our team to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, enhancing their expertise and enriching the solutions we offer.

We take immense pride in the exceptional quality of our staff, as they are the driving force behind our enduring reputation for excellence. At Ferriot Inc, our recruitment process is meticulous and rigorous, ensuring that only the most talented and skilled individuals join our ranks. Our commitment to maintaining stringent quality standards translates into -superior products and services for our valued customers.

We’ve witnessed a significant stabilization in both hiring and employee retention since 2022. The tide seems to have shifted as people are now opting for longer stays, reflecting the success of our intensified efforts. We’ve streamlined our application form, simplifying the process to encourage more applications. Our hiring process has embraced novel approaches, including introducing shift supervisors during the interview phase, fostering a more transparent interaction. We’ve also incorporated a screening tool to gauge candidates’ loyalty to employers, enhancing our ability to make informed decisions. To bridge the gap between expectations and reality, we’ve revamped our onboarding process, offering insights into the work environment and tasks, a change that has reduced instances of new hires vanishing after lunch on their first day.

Our commitment to staying well-staffed and maintaining a substantial inventory of spare parts and resins sets us apart as a trusted and dependable injection molding partner. We continue to invest in our team’s expertise and offer top-tier solutions to meet the unique business requirements of your business. Rest assured, with Ferriot Inc, your projects are in capable hands, ensuring seamless operations and superior products. Our engineers are here to guide you through every critical step in your injection molding journey, from concept to completion. Our unwavering focus on quality and innovation ensures that your projects are in the hands of experts who are driven to exceed your expectations.

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