New Injection Molding Handbook Tells Designers and Engineers Success Factors for Part Design and Resin Selection

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By: Liz Lipply | April 11, 2017

Akron, Ohio, April 11, 2017: Demand for injection molded parts continues to grow as more manufacturers replace traditional materials like wood, steel and fiberglass with thermoplastic resins that are lighter in weight, but just as durable.

Designers and engineers in the medical, automotive, industrial, housewares, electronics and many more industries are increasingly asking whether a conversion to resin injection molding for certain parts and components make structural and financial sense.

To help designers and engineers get their first-time injection molding projects off on the right foot, Ferriot Inc. has produced the guideline, “Designing Injection Molded Parts: A Handbook for Designers & Engineers.” The booklet covers proper part design, resin selection and tips on how to select the right injection molder.

The guide offers readers an overview of injection molding processes and various applications and materials. Additional sections help readers determine whether a resin conversion and injection molding are right for their projects. When injection molding is the right decision, the guide recommends important questions to ask a potential contract manufacturing partner, and a project checklist to help both the designer and injection molding partner stay on the same page from start to finish.

Some key questions and project considerations suggested in the guide include:

  • What’s the right molding technology for you to consider: traditional injection molding, structural foam injection molding, gas assisted injection molding or overmolding?
  • What’s the right resin material to select for the part or parts?
  • What part geometry and specs are you designing to: strength, temperature, appearance, chemical resistance, etc.
  • Who owns the final part design and the tooling?

Also included in the guide are a project checklist and spaces for notes and questions to be shared between the engineer/designer and injection molder.

The handbook is available online at no charge by visiting here. For more information on Ferriot and its injection molding and other contract manufacturing services, visit

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