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By: Liz Lipply | December 23, 2019

The year 2019 was a very special one for the Ferriot team, marking our 90th year in business. Wow! Ninety years! As you can imagine, we’ve enjoyed learning more about the colorful history and numerous accomplishments of Ferriot’s early years. Many on our team weren’t aware of our early history with Disney or early Star Wars toys.  The year has also been full of reminiscing over family, friends and business associates that have come and gone through the nine years of our existence. It’s only fitting to recap some of them by sharing the following 90th anniversary posts from the past year.


  • Ferriot Celebrates 90 Years as “Your Partner in Plastics” 

    Full-service custom injection molder of engineered resins
    pays tribute to its long history, with an eye on a bright future 

    On June 11th, Ferriot began a year-long celebration of its rich 90-year history with a special event for employees at its Akron, Ohio facilities.

    Privately held since its founding in 1929, the company spans over five generations of the Ferriot family. In 1999, Ferriot Inc. expanded to its current 200,000-square-foot office and manufacturing facility at 1000 Arlington Circle in Akron, Ohio.

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  • Molding History: “Forever Thankful for What They Were Able to Contribute”

    Company History Highlights by Gene Ferriot (1916-1970’s) from steel engraving to injection molded plastics, from Disney characters to Polaroid aviator glasses – a nostalgic look back

    In 1916, I started working at the Die Sinking and Machine Company, a machine shop started by my father, grandfather and uncle. I was joined a year later by my brother Glenn. I learned the steel engraving trade and Glenn learned the machinist trade.

    After several years we both left to work for the Mechanical Mold and Machine Company, which had been started by four of my father’s former employees. In 1924, I left their employment to start out on my own in the basement of my home on Storer Ave. My brother Joe, who was still attending high school, started working for me in 1925…

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  • Dream Big, Achieve Big: People, Pride, and Worksmanship in Injection Molding  

    Craig Ferriot’s Speech at 90th Anniversary Event for Employees on 6/11/19
    Celebrating 90 Years of Excellence in Building Ferriot’s Future

    This is our 90th year celebration. I can’t believe it. I’ve been here a third of it. 33 years! And over the last couple of weeks, I’ve taken the opportunity to go back and look at some old literature, and I was able to get a lot of information from my dad, my grandfather and some others.  I was reminded of all the things that took place at Ferriot that made it successful.


  • “Ferriot’s 90 Years of reinvention” is a Plastics News cover story! 

    Our 90th anniversary celebrations continue as Ferriot is the featured story on the front page of this week’s Plastics News magazineHere’s an excerpt from the article written by Don Loepp, Plastics News editor. 

    Akron, Ohio — If you geek out over cool old plastic parts, Ferriot Inc. is worth a visit. The lobby display cases are packed with parts molded in the past seven decades, but they tell only a fraction of the story. Ferriot’s full history could fill a museum. Remember hobby horses on bouncing springs? Green army men? Early “Star Wars” toys? Ferriot molded — or made the tools for — all of them. Ferriot also molded big television cabinets back when TVs were real pieces of furniture, not just oversized computer screens.

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Of course, as monumental as a 90th anniversary may be, hitting a milestone like nine decades also provokes thoughts of the future. What can we do to top 90 years. Trust me, we have BIG plans to continue providing ever-expanding custom injection molding capabilities, execeptional value-added engineering services, and stellar customer support. We’re looking forward to what the next decade will bring!

In our next blog, I’ll share with you our TOP 10 Blog Posts of All Time.   

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