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Hot stamping foil

Hot Stamping is another form of plastic decorating that applies reflective or high gloss color to raised areas.  This decoration process combines heat and pressure to transfer pre-dried ink or foil from a roll to a plastic part. This process works by placing the foil or roll between the hot stamping die and the part.  The die is heated and then pressed down onto the part.  When the die is lifted, the foil coming in contact with the part remains.  Because it is a dry process, they can be immediately packed on the production line.

Hot stamping is a permanent and durable finish providing color for a logo or enhances raised wording or instructions on a part. The image is actually thermally fused to the plastic.  The finish can endure years of outdoor exposure.

Hot stamping dieThe five considerations for hot stamping are:

  1. Product – Design your product to accept this process. Be sure to consider how you will be decorating the part during the design phase.
  2. Artwork – Working with your injection molder on the design of the die is important. There are minimum size requirements, considerations for difficult patterns, and type spacing that should be addressed upfront.
  3. Color – Foil is available in virtually any color. Sheens can be incorporated, from bright metallic silver and gold to a matte finished color. Special effects can be achieved with patterns, opalescent, or holograms. One must ensure that it is compatible with the substrate (part) by selecting the foil formulation made for it.
  4. Fixture – A fixture or nest will be required to hold the part in place during the stamping process. Your injection molder can provide this to ensure that the proper amount of support is provided under the contact point.
  5. Machine – There are numerous hot stamping machines available from hand-operated to pneumatic. If your injection molder provides this value-added service they will make sure their machinery will run your product successfully.

Want to draw attention to your product branding or important functionality? Contact Ferriot to determine if hot stamping is the best approach for your project.


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