Injection Molding


Injection Molding machine at Ferriot

In the early days, Ferriot made its own injection molding apparatus, predating the first commercial systems, such as the one on display at the Henry Ford Museum.

Yes, we’re that old. And still that new as we invent 21st Century solutions, such as better infusion pumps for medicine, and apply new engineered plastics you probably wouldn’t even notice at gasoline pumps.

Even if you don’t know the range of Ferriot’s capabilities as an advanced-skill, clean-contract manufacturer, with a core expertise in injection molding and injection molding technologies, chances are good you’ve touched something we’ve made — in the form of the outer enclosures of the equipment found in offices, hospitals, drive-through windows and other places that you visit every day.

Institutional Experience

With a clamping force of 40 to 2,200 tons, our capacity ranges from small parts weighing a few grams to those weighing 20 pounds. Injection Molded Parts can be simple or complex geometries for both large and small applications. The measure of Ferriot’s true capacity, however, is in our institutional expertise in resin selection to support innovative solutions. With a veteran team of engineers, we design and engineer custom solutions that didn’t exist yesterday (except in the minds of our customers).

Our experience covers the knowledge of good Design for Manufacturability, a comprehensive understanding of all thermoplastic resin families and injection-mold design expertise. Typically, we stock more than 150 varieties of resins at any given time in our 200,000-square-foot facility, conveniently located to the major markets of the Midwest and East Coast.

One example: A leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of fuel pumps wanted to replace certain metal fuel-pump components with durable plastic parts that would be resistant to gas fumes. To convert metal to plastic — and save money — the OEM needed optimal functionality and durability of the newly developed thermoplastic components, coupled with designs right for efficient manufacturing.

Ferriot’s designers and engineers worked with the OEM to develop a group of parts that provided cost efficiency and maximum durability. The new components, for the boots of gas nozzles, have demonstrated their durability and consistent functionality in the field.

As one of the few “systems houses” in North America, Ferriot can step in at any point in the manufacturing process because our engineering, design, molding, tooling and finishing technologies can be applied to products in concept development or at any other stage of production.

Ferriot’s manufacturing services extend through final production, complete with custom color, cosmetic finishing and assembly. < haref="">Injection Molding Technologies available at Ferriot and descriptions are below.

Straight Injection Molding

Straight Injection molding sample

Straight injection molding is anything but straightforward. Process optimization, involving no two identical geometries, insures that your parts are produced to a high level of consistency. Most parts can be created through conventional injection molding. So because someone is selling a “new” molding technology, it may not be needed for your application. Ferriot subscribes to the principle of “Keep it as simple as you can.” As you read on, you will see that when you need the “other” technologies, we have them also.

The molding, of course, is only part of what we do.

With services extending from engineering and design to numerous value-added services, including ultrasonic welding, pad printing, painting and partial or final assembly, Ferriot offers one-stop factory services for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Engineered Polymers (Resins)

Our institutional expertise in engineering thermoplastic solutions represents the true measure of Ferriot’s capacity. This expertise is what allows us to design and engineer thermoplastics that don’t exist today but will differentiate the products of tomorrow. It takes more than an injection-molding press to provide optimized solutions. Thermolators, to manage mold core and cavity temperatures independently; hot-oil systems, to obtain higher mold temperatures to support very special engineered thermoplastics; and resin driers are all on our list of auxiliaries.

Ferriot applies the knowledge of all the families of resins to provide an optimized solution for customer needs.

Typically, we stock more than 150 varieties of resins at any given time in our 200,000-square-foot facility, conveniently located to the major markets of the Midwest, Southeast, and East Coast.

Among our services, we mold resins that require hot-oil systems to support high mold temperatures.

Are the plastics in your manufactured products meeting the highest performance levels? Call us to learn more about Ferriot’s ability to optimize performance, starting with the ideal mix of engineered polymers.

Structural Foam Injection Molding

Structural foam injection molding is still a viable solution for many parts. Many times, engineered plastic will provide a lighter and stronger solution than even die cast or sheet metal parts. Structural foam-molded plastics can replace many types of materials, including wood, concrete and fiberglass.

Structural foam injection molding

Far more than the simple application of additives, the key to success in this type of molding is in the ability to incorporate structural foam into a custom design. When the design is just right, the result is high productivity, cost savings and lighter plastic components.

Is it possible to replace some of your parts with plastic? Ferriot can help you evaluate whether such a replacement is an appropriate solution in your application. Call us to discuss the benefits of a custom design for structural foam-molded components to optimize performance.

Gas-Assist Injection Molding

For jobs that require technology beyond conventional injection molding, Ferriot’s gas-assist injection molding technology — coupled with Ferriot’s expertise in design — allows us to create previously impossible products. Gas-assist can help provide the geometry you need even when that geometry violates conventional design rules.

Call us to discuss whether gas-assist molding can turn your ambitious ideas into reality.


Injection Molding plant at Ferriot

If your product requires a softer touch — for easier handling or gripping, for example — Ferriot’s design team can help you achieve the right touch and performance with the application of an over-molded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

For one client, we developed a softer, easier touch on an operating room light for better handling during surgery.

Think about how people handle your products. Would a softer grip help? While hand tools come readily to mind, the possibilities are endless. Call us if you’d like to discuss how your customers could get a better grip on your products.

Whether it’s gas-assist molding, structural foam, or the complex engineering of polymers, Ferriot’s expertise is in coupling the right technology with just the right custom design and engineering of thermoplastic resins.

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