Insert Molding Solutions

Insert for Plastic Injection MoldingFrom the early days of injection molding to 21st Century molding solutions, Ferriot has actively supported special applications in molding with decades of institutional experience and a highly trained workforce. One of the applications in which Ferriot stands out from others in the contract-manufacturing industry is insert molding—literally, the placing of an object (insert) into an injection mold and then encasing some portion of it in plastic.

High Precision and Consistency

Our cutting-edge insert molding solutions use a unique combination of process optimization and robotic automation to produce parts with an extremely high level of consistency. Whereas the competition races to embrace insert-molding solutions, Ferriot leads the industry, having replaced the operator hand loading and removing of an insert with the loading and removing of those inserts by precision robotics. The introduction of and expertise in the use of this automation minimizes the variables that affect final part quality by ensuring a consistent, reliable, and repeatable process.

Ferriot’s capacity demonstrates our core expertise in injection molding. From the simplest geometries and lightest-weight components to the most complex shapes and 20-pound parts, we have the experience to manufacture the parts you need. With a clamping force capacity of 40 to 2,200 tons, we will meet the force requirements of your project.

With more than 150 varieties of resins and our institutional expertise in resin selection, we offer the resin selection and have the knowledge to apply it to ensure that your part is both durable and functional.

Quite simply, our engineers are equipped to design the best solutions for insert molding projects and our facilities have the capacity to manufacture insert-molding projects not otherwise available in the contract-manufacturing marketplace.

Insert-Molding Process

The video here demonstrates an automated robotic process for a recent insert-molding project at Ferriot. Shown are both the picking and placement of the insert as well as the picking of the finished part. For this project, the insert was a metal hinge pin. It was molded with plastic to create a door for another piece of equipment. While viewing the video, notice the precision and consistency afforded by Ferriot’s automated robotic insert molding process.

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