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By: News | July 20, 2023

Beginning with the RFQ phase of the tool transfer inquiry, sharing full transparency throughout the transfer process for efficient and effective tool transfer with your new custom injection molding supplier is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly define the project scope and the responsibilities and expectations of everyone involved.  

Before moving forward with production, any tool refurbishments should be quoted and submitted for approval. The required validation processes and protocols should be defined and agreed upon prior to execution by the supplier. 


As an integral part in moving the process forward, you’ll need to provide the following documentation, specifications, and materials to the chosen supplier: 

  1. Customer-specific RFQ and supporting documentation. 
  2. Complete project scope 
  3. Molded part design drawings and specifications* 
  4. Tool design drawings and specifications* 
  5. Tool maintenance program  
  6. Tool maintenance records  
  7. Master molded part sample   
  8. Recent molded production part – This part should come from the last production run. 
  9. Quality concerns – Is there a history of any quality issues? 


Providing complete and accurate information helps assure the smooth, timely, and cost-effective transition of any custom injection molded part project.  

Download our Mold Tool Transfer Success Checklist to see the detailed list.  

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