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By: Liz Lipply | October 12, 2017

Akron, OH – October 12, 2017: The engineering website MachineDesign recently featured an article cowritten by Ferriot’s Dave Perkowski and Dave Swigeart, “The Design Engineer’s Checklist for Injection Molding.” Based on Ferriot’s decades of experience as an injection molder, it highlights the importance of resin selection, process choices and design specs when designing and executing any injection molding project.

As any seasoned engineer knows, the design stage is crucial for ensuring that the part will achieve its full potential in its intended application, and careful planning helps to eliminate cost and time overruns during the process.

The article outlines the steps that any design engineer should take before diving into their injection molding project. For example, the first step in designing any injection molded part is answering some basic questions:

  • What function(s) will the part serve?
  • What market(s) will it serve? (automotive, industrial, medical, housewares, food containers, etc.)
  • What kind of design project is it? (A new part or product? A part redesign?)
  • Who are the “stakeholders” in this part design project?

The checklist features other considerations that should be shared between the engineer/designer and injection molder and is available for free here. For more information on Ferriot and its injection molding and other contract manufacturing services, visit

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