Injection Molded Components for Business Machines

Injection Molded componentsIn 1978, Ferriot Inc. entered the business-machine sector through the formidable doors of IBM. Initially we produced injection molds and tooling and decorative paint finishes for IBM’s original personal computers. Today, Ferriot continues to grow as a leading supplier of business-machine components and enclosures.

In this broad category, Ferriot’s experience covers a wide range of commercial applications, from vacuum air tubes (VATs) for financial transactions, to complex enclosures, complete with drawers and doors, for 8,000-pound digital printers.

In addition to engineering outer enclosures, Ferriot also supplies parts for business machines components and functionality. At times, a single enclosure may required hundreds of parts and pieces. Think 450 parts, for example, in the case of those 8,000-pound digital printers, with 80% of the components, from hinges to keypads, coming from both domestic or global suppliers.

Jobs such as this speak to our capacity for complicated supply-chain management, qualification systems and testing procedures, which is only possible with our trained labor force, where workers average nearly 20 years of experience.

Ferriot services include painting, a wide variety of decorative finishes, packaging, and drop shipping directly to end users.

Call us at any stage of product development. Ferriot can help take innovation to market, or we can step in when events require a transfer to a new manufacturing partner.

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