Drop Shipping

Ferriot can drop ship any custom manufactured item.Our shipping capacity extends from one box to full truckloads.

Products that leave Ferriot’s assembly line can ship directly to end users — meaning the customers of our customers. We are proud of that because our customers trust us to get it there, and to get it there right.The shipping process receives the same detailed planning as every other step in the production of finished products. Packaging must be engineered for maximum protection and be just the right fit to mitigate the risk of damage.

When necessary, we conduct drop tests and vibration tests to qualify packaging.

When applicable, Ferriot’s shipping process includes an analysis of the best-negotiated rates.

About Contract Manufacturing at Ferriot

Even if you don’t know us, you’ve probably touched our products — in banks, at gas pumps and in offices, industrial facilities and hospitals.

Drop shipping and custom manufacturing at Ferriot.

Our expertise includes engineering, product design, injection molding, custom molding, sub- and finished assembly and the on-time delivery of components and finished products for major industry. We streamline the total manufacturing process from start to finish, from supply-line development and management, process qualification, product testing and final assembly, all the way to drop shipping.

With mobile, adaptable manufacturing modules, Ferriot tailors on-time production to vastly different needs, including short runs on assemblies with multiple parts.

Download the Case Study: How we drop-shipped products to end-users.