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Transforming Injection Molding Vendors into Injection Molding Partners

For a growing number of design engineers in manufacturing operations, the usual way of doing things—i.e., the customer designs an injection-molded part, turns it over to a contract manufacturer to produce it, then everybody but the purchasing department promptly forgets about it—doesn’t work anymore.

Getting Structural Foam Molding Right Takes More than Just Blowing Bubbles

One of the biggest challenges in any new product development effort is identifying skilled people who can contribute significantly to the project, including the vendors who support the process. Ensuring the success of a new product demands the freedom to use new materials and new suppliers, as complex design and production challenges arise.

Custom Mold Manufacturing

In order to meet deadline for its video conferencing units, a Fortune 1000 original equipment manufacturer reached out to Ferriot, Inc. for assistance. Not only did these video conferencing units need to be in top working order starting with the first unit, but they also needed to be designed for indoor and outdoor applications. No small feat when 28 different plastic parts are required.

Custom Mold Design

With painting the finished products no longer an option, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) reached out to Ferriot for help during the product development phases of its new infusion pumps. The OEM needed a partner who could not only provide a sleek finished product, but also assist with the overall functionality of the new products.

Metal to Plastic Conversion

Converting from metal to plastic can be tricky. Learn how a fuel pump OEM saved on the move without compromising quality.

Injection Molding

Ferriot has innovated a high-quality alternative to wood shake siding. This study illustrates our design and engineering expertise in creating quality residential home materials.

Contract Manufacturing: Subassembly and Supply Line Management

A Fortune 500 OEM needed enclosures for an 8,000-pound digital printer. Ferriot was able to use our expertise in testing and quality procedures to organize the framework for 31 different components, and manage the supply chain process that delivered over 450 parts to the project.

Contract Manufacturing: Drop Shipping

When you have hard fast deadlines, it’s often necessary to drop ship the finished products directly to end users. Learn about the details of the logistics of this project and how drop shipping an order can be completed effectively.

Painting Services

Lead times can be problematic if not managed correctly. We’ll show you how we worked with a medical device OEM to shorten lead times on parts and components for wheelchairs, and gain greater efficiencies.

Part Sources and Assembly

As a full-service contract manufacturer, Ferriot is capable of a wide variety of services to the customer. Learn how a medical OEM selected Ferriot for full-service sourcing and assembly of components for fluid-injection pumps.

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