Case Study: Finishing Operations for Wheelchair Components

Medical Device Maker Seeks Painting in Proximity to Cut a 1,000-Mile Trek

A medical-equipment manufacturer based in the Midwest had been shipping wheelchair components 1,000 miles away for subcontracted finished painting. The components were then shipped back to the manufacturer for final assembly. The process added both costs and delays to turning out final products.

The manufacturer came to Ferriot seeking to shorten their supply line in both time and distance, as well as gain greater efficiency. Shorter total lead time would require less inventory.

More Than Just Paint, Ferriot Stocks Inventory for Just-In-Time Delivery

Ferriot developed a process to paint the wheelchair components to the manufacturer’s specifications and to inventory the components for just-in-time delivery back to the manufacturer for final assembly.

The manufacturer is saving time and money on shipping by working with a partner in proximity. In addition, Ferriot is stocking inventory to keep the wheelchairs moving to market on schedule, with improved overall asset management.

About Finishing Operations at Ferriot

At Ferriot, we deliver finished products and subassemblies on time to any location. Our customers avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers of parts and pieces. Instead, they receive just the finished assemblies they need, meeting their manufacturing needs and their delivery deadlines.

With factory workers averaging more than 20 years of experience each, our talent pool covers a full range of core competencies:

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