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By: Liz Lipply | May 27, 2021

New press further increases customer service speed and production capacity 

To help meet the increasing demand of custom injection molded parts in markets from electronics, to industrial and medical industries, Ferriot recently installed another press! Smaller than the Negri Bossi BI-POWER installed by Ferriot in 2018, the newest press in Ferriot’s line is the Negri Bossi s850T-7460 series molding machine.  

As part of Ferriot’s equipment upgrades and plant reorganization, this new 936-ton press was installed in Q3 of 2020. The new acquisition adds capacity with the current 720-ton press still in operation. The new press fills a gap between the 770 ton and 1500-ton presses. Updates in technology allow this press to use less energy but provide more tonnage pressure and tighter tolerances.   



 The new Negri Bossi press further increases our operational efficiency and production capacity. Adding this new press helps us to further instill confidence in our customers that we will always have the custom injection molding capabilities to quickly turn around their orders,” says Craig Ferriot, company president. 

The Negri Bossi NOVA s850T-7460 incorporates the following features: 

  • The new injection molding machine from Negri Bossi is their new NOVA sT series featuring a new compact designed 5-point toggle clamping system enabling more opening with a smaller footprint and swiveling in-line injection unit. It comes standard with the first “true” multi-touch Motus controller and a servo pump system for extreme efficiency and control of the entire process.   
  • The Motus Multi-Touch controller offers smartphone familiarity featuring new swipe, scroll, and zoom functions and a patent-pending virtual object for axis rotation based on gesture orientation.  It also adds new functioning modes, “step” and “in production”, smart alarms for improved fault management, as well as a quick search function for ease of parameter editing, graphical editing and analysis. The interface is customizable to allow for personalized screen and functions, as well as faster and safer data transmission. 

 Negri Bossi Motus Multi touch controller
 Negri Bossi Motus Multi-Touch Controller 

  • The machine is equipped with onboard flowmeters for cooling, multiple hydraulic core pull and air blast circuitry on both stationary and moving sides; integrated 24-zone mold temperature controllers; (8) pneumatic and (8) hydraulic valve gate controllers; gas injection interface, magnetic platens for quick mold change, injection screws for both engineering and commodity-based resins. 
  • Sytrama S10-2L Robot that has two (2) Yaxis will provide added flexibility by utilizing many optic functions. This “smart machine” can perform multiple operations in a sequence, such as part pick up, including movements in the mold area, then traversing out and stopping for degating the sprue, cutting or milling stations, end-of-arm tooling changes, loading inserts, etc. (Offline programming is standard.) 


  • The wireless Amico TM system enables remote monitoring of the new press 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This system allows the Negri Bossi service department to conduct real-time remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, and intervention via the Internet, helping Ferriot to maintain ongoing operations with minimal downtime.  


   Press 5 3
Negri Bossi s850T-7460 series molding machine fills the gap between existing 770 ton and 1500-ton presses. 


Ferriot’s current injection molding parts production fleet includes the following: 

# of Presses  20
Clamping Force (tons) 56 – 2250
Barrel Capacity (oz.) 2.7 – 344
Maximum Mold Weight (tons) 20
Minimum Mold Height (in.) 5.9
Maximum Mold Size (in.) 60.9 x 89



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Newly molded gas pump parts exiting the latest Ferriot press, a Negri Bossi NOVA s850T-7460. 

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