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By: Liz Lipply | November 6, 2014

To introduce you to the Ferriot blog, I wanted to give you some insight to the company. As the visit-ferriot-1newest employee, I feel that I have set of fresh eyes on who Ferriot is and how they compare to the rest of the industry.

When the opportunity came for me to join Ferriot as a Senior Account Manager, several things convinced me it was the right place for me.


  1. A strong company legacy with a history of growth and innovation. Ferriot’s history in plastics goes back over 70 years, with a family history in manufacturing that goes back 180 years. 
  2. Family members are active in the management of the company and bring a passion of leading the company into the future. They projected an image of where they would like to see the company in the near and distant future.
  3. The employees that make up Ferriot are a strong mix of short and long term. They bring a nice mix of ideas on how to help achieve the vision of the management team.


  1. Ferriot is located in Akron, OH, in a 200,000 square foot facility, built in 1999. The plant is a brilliantly maintained facility, which can be used as a showcase for the company. 
  2. Ferriot has the ability to do injection molding in 42 to 1650 ton molding presses. This gives me the ability to sell into a wide variety of markets and a wide variety of products. 
  3. Along with the injection molding, Ferriot has the ability to add tremendous value to plastic parts, through assembly, painting, and adding EMI/RFI coatings. We can offer complete testing to these processes to our customers. 
  4. We have contract manufacturing capabilities, which allow us to help manage customer needs from injection molding to complete assemblies, plus the ability to drop ship for customers. We manage customer product lines, including managing inventories and purchasing complex levels of components for customers. 


  1. Along with all the things listed above, Ferriot has a strong vision for the future. The management team has committed to a new IQMS management software, including plant and machine monitoring. This allows us to better optimize our processes and offer the customer the most economical solution to their plastics needs. 
  2. The future at Ferriot includes looking to improve upon the already strong organization, by encouraging employee involvement in looking to improve the prospective outlook of the organization. 
  3. The company looks to continue to add key personnel and processes to help take Ferriot into the next step in their progression to be a world class plastic company. 
  4. Management expresses the need to continue to add processes as needed to keep a strong growth trend. 

All of the things listed above were what made Ferriot an attractive employer. The vision was both evident and obvious, and I wanted to be part of this future.

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