Product Testing

Product Testing facility at Ferriot Whatever a customer needs to meet quality standards on a finished assembly or product, we develop a scheme for meeting those requirements.

Depending on the complexity of the assembly, we may test every product that comes off the assembly line — or maybe every tenth product, if we’re dealing with less-complicated assemblies.

We may test every product that comes off the assembly line…

If an assembly includes multiple, complex components, we customize an inspection plan for each of those components. For example, a circuit board requires a higher level of quality control than a sheet metal or plastic component. Each product or subassembly that comes off our line has a product identification number that makes it traceable by lot. Our testing procedures are recorded to tie back to each lot. Read the case study Contract Manufacturing for Digital Printers to learn more.

About Contract Manufacturing at Ferriot

Even if you don’t know us, you’ve probably touched our products — in banks, at gas pumps and in offices, industrial facilities and hospitals.

Contract manufacturing and product testing. Our expertise includes engineering, product design, injection molding, custom molding, sub- and finished assembly and the on-time delivery of components and finished products for major industry. We streamline the total manufacturing process from start to finish, from supply-line development and management, process qualification, product testing and final assembly, all the way to drop shipping.

With mobile, adaptable manufacturing modules, Ferriot tailors on-time production to vastly different needs, including short runs on assemblies with multiple parts.

Download out Contract Manufacturing tip sheet and guidelines.